Manchester United should cut their losses and let Alexis Sanchez leave this month, according to former defender Paul Parker.

Sanchez has been linked with a move all summer and there has been fresh speculation about interest from Inter Milan; the Italians are said to be keen on a loan move where United subsidise his wages, with a view to a permanent transfer.


Parker believes that it is best for all parties if the matter is resolved immediately. 

“You’re not going to get anything more out of him now,” Parker told United author Wayne Barton exclusively on the WeAreTheBusbyBoys podcast. “Even when he was at Arsenal, when things weren’t going his way, you could see he was a little bit petulant and I never really saw him as a team player. It doesn’t seem as if he’s the type of player Ole needs around the team right not given the job he’s got to try and do.”

United’s failure to replace Romelu Lukaku invited criticism, but Parker insists keeping the former Arsenal forward at Old Trafford is only likely to be more of an issue in the short term.

“To have him sitting around until January is going to a problem, the longer it goes on the cheaper the price will be but his wages will still be the same,” he says. “The easiest way is to do something now before they lose more value. They are going to have to supplement some of his wages to shift him on and I think they should.”

“It’s a difficult one for Ole because it’s out of his control, it’s down to Inter Milan or whoever else might want him. Would Ed Woodward allow him to go cheaply and do Ole a favour? This is business and it has to be financially beneficial to Manchester United as well. They’re willing to lose a certain amount but won’t want to embarrass themselves by virtually giving him away and then still have to pay his wages for a few years.”

Also on the podcast, Parker responded to the terrible racial abuse that was posted online, directed at Paul Pogba following his penalty miss last night against Wolves.

Parker believes there is little that can physically be done but blasted the cowardice of the culprits.

“There’s nothing that can be done, there’s nothing to stop the keyboard warriors having their say,” he said. “We saw it at the weekend with Tammy Abraham and his own supporters were having a go. These people aren’t brave enough to say things like that to their face.”


“But there’s no way of governing it to be perfectly honest. It’s out of control… People just shut down their account when they shouldn’t have been allowed to open one in the first place. In theory that’s one way of dealing with it. You can go to the police but it’s very rare that people are caught.”

Parker was speaking exclusively on the WeAreTheBusbyBoys podcast, on which he appears weekly.

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