Date Opponents Comp Venue Res Att 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14
8/22/87 Everton League Away 3-1 Turner Martin Gibson Gill Garton Hogg Blackmore 1 O’Brien 1 Hanrahan Wilson 1 Wood Graham Bottomley (4)
8/26/87 Leicester City League Away 2-2 Turner Albiston Gibson Gill 1 Garton Martin Blackmore O’Brien Hanrahan Wood 1 Davenport Wilson (8) Heseltine
9/5/87 Huddersfield Town League Away 0-1 Turner Garton Martin Beardsmore Brazil Hogg Blackmore O’Brien Hanrahan Wood Wilson Graham (4) Heseltine (9)
9/23/87 Hull City League Away 5-2 Turner Beardsmore Blackmore 1 Wilson Martin Hogg Hutchinson O’Brien 1 Graham 2 Robins 1 Gill McBride Bullimore
10/6/87 Nottingham Forest League Away 2-2 Turner Beardsmore Albiston Martin Brazil 1 Moran Robins Wilson Davenport 1 Graham Gill Heseltine McBride (11)
10/13/87 Sheffield United League Home 3-0 Turner Beardsmore Albiston Garton Martin 1 Hogg Hutchinson Wilson Davenport 1 Robins 1 Gill Heseltine (6) Brazil (4)
11/3/87 Coventry City League Home 0-0 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Wilson Brazil Heseltine Beardsmore O’Brien Blackmore Robins Gill McBride Hutchinson (11)
11/21/87 Sheffield Wednesday League Away 1-1 Turner Martin Beardsmore Wilson Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson Wratten Hanson Robins 1 Bullimore Andrews (9) Jackson
11/28/87 Liverpool League Away 0-2 Turner Martin Beardsmore Moses Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson O’Brien Graham Robins Gill Bullimore (11) Wratten (1)
12/1/87 Aston Villa League Home 3-0 O’Donnell Martin Beardsmore Moses Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson O’Brien Robins 2 Graham Wratten 1 Bullimore Mortimer (7)
12/17/87 Derby County League Home 1-0 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Wilson Sulonen Heseltine Blackmore 1 O’Brien Robins Graham Beardsmore Hutchinson (4) Brazil (10)
12/19/87 Sunderland League Home 2-0 O’Donnell Martin Heseltine Sulonen Brazil Hogg Hutchinson Wilson Robins Blackmore 1 Beardsmore Wratten Mortimer 1 (7)
12/22/87 Bradford City League Home 1-2 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Wilson Sulonen Hogg Beardsmore O’Brien Robins 1 Blackmore Wratten Brazil (5) Hutchinson (4)
1/5/88 Blackpool League Away 1-1 Walsh Martin Albiston Moses Brazil Hogg Wilson O’Brien 1 Robins Graham Beardsmore Heseltine Mortimer
1/12/88 Leicester City League Home 3-0 Walsh Martin Albiston Wilson Brazil Hogg Hutchinson 1 O’Brien Davenport 1 Blackmore 1 Gill Robins (7) Heseltine (11)
1/23/88 Everton League Home 0-3 O’Donnell Beardsmore Martin Wilson Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson Wratten Robins Graham McBride Mortimer (3) Andrews
2/2/88 Coventry City League Away 1-3 Walsh Martin Albiston Brazil Garton Wilson Hutchinson O’Brien Robins Davenport Beardsmore Mortimer (4) Graham 1 (9)
2/9/88 Hull City League Home 0-1 O’Donnell Martin Heseltine Wilson Moran Garton Hutchinson Wratten Robins Hanson Beardsmore Brazil (5) Graham (10)
2/11/88 Grimsby Town League Home 1-0 O’Donnell Blackmore Martin Wratten Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson Wilson Graham 1 Robins Beardsmore McBride Mortimer (4)
2/16/88 Bradford City League Away 4-3 O’Donnell Albiston Martin Wilson Garton Heseltine Gibson Blackmore Robins 3 Graham 1 Beardsmore McBride (7) Brazil (5)
2/20/88 Huddersfield Town League Home 2-4 O’Donnell Mortimer Martin Wilson Brazil Heseltine Beardsmore Wratten Robins 2 Graham McBride Bullimore (3) Andrews (11)
2/24/88 Sheffield United League Away 1-2 Hughes Mortimer Albiston Wilson Brazil Blackmore Wratten O’Brien 1 Robins Andrews Beardsmore Hutchinson (10) McBride
3/2/88 Nottingham Forest League Home 2-1 O’Donnell Mortimer Albiston Beardsmore Moran Brazil Blackmore O’Brien Robins Graham 1 Olsen 1 Wilson (10) Hutchinson
3/5/88 Manchester City League Home 0-1 861 O’Donnell Mortimer Brazil Wratten Beardsmore Hutchinson Wilson Bullimore Robins Graham McBride Andrews Jackson
3/22/88 Derby County League Away 1-0 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Garton 1 McGrath Hogg Hutchinson Moses Hanson Robins Beardsmore Wilson (9) McBride
3/29/88 Sheffield Wednesday League Home 1-1 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Garton Moran Hogg Hutchinson O’Brien 1 Graham Robins Beardsmore Wilson (9) McBride
4/4/88 Liverpool League Home 0-2 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Garton Moran Hogg Hutchinson O’Brien Wilson Robins Beardsmore McBride (7) Graham (4)
4/7/88 Grimsby Town League Away 1-1 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Moses Moran Hogg Whiteside 1 O’Brien Robins Graham Olsen Beardsmore (9) Wilson (10)
4/16/88 Manchester City League Away 1-6 3,022 O’Donnell Mortimer Brazil Heseltine Hutchinson Martin Beardsmore 1 Jackson Robins Graham McBride Hanson (10) Bullimore (4)
4/19/88 Leeds United League Home 3-1 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Moses Moran Hogg Beardsmore 1 O’Brien 1 Blackmore 1 Robins Olsen McBride Graham (10)
4/23/88 Blackpool League Home 1-1 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Moses Moran Hogg Beardsmore O’Brien Robins Graham 1 McBride Hanson (11) Heseltine (6)
4/27/88 Sunderland League Away 0-1 Walsh Beardsmore Albiston Brazil Heseltine Martin Dalton Moses Graham Robins Wratten Mortimer (10) Hutchinson
5/4/88 Aston Villa League Away 3-2 O’Donnell Martin Albiston Moses Moran Hogg Dalton 1 O’Brien Robins 1 Blackmore 1 Wratten Graham (8) McBride (5)
5/9/88 Leeds United League Away 0-1 Walsh Mortimer Jackson Wratten Brazil Heseltine Dalton Graham Robins Bullimore McBride Hutchinson (10) Andrews (9)


Name Apps Gls
Arthur Albiston 20
Simon Andrews 1 (3)
Russell Beardsmore 28 (1) 2
Clayton Blackmore 15 7
Jon Bottomley (1)
Derek Brazil 19 (5) 1
Wayne Bullimore 3 (3)
Paul Dalton 3 1
Peter Davenport 5 3
Billy Garton 10 1
Colin Gibson 3
Tony Gill 8 1
Deiniol Graham 18 (6) 7
Joe Hanrahan 3
David Hanson 3 (2)
Wayne Heseltine 14 (4)
Graeme Hogg 15
Brett Hughes 1
Simon Hutchinson 16 (5) 1
Tony Jackson 2
Andrew McBride 6 (4)
Paul McGrath 1
Lee Martin 30 1
Kevin Moran 9
John Mortimer 6 (6) 1
Remi Moses 9
Liam O’Brien 20 6
Jim O’Donnell 20
Jesper Olsen 3 1
Mark Robins 30 (1) 12
Petri Sulonen 3
Chris Turner 8
Gary Walsh 5
Norman Whiteside 1 1
David Wilson 21 (5) 1
Nicky Wood 3 1
Paul Wratten 12 (1) 1

The Manchester United Academy was established in 1998, following the reorganisation of youth football in England, but has roots stretching all the way back to the 1930s with the establishment of the Manchester United Junior Athletic Club (MUJAC). and has been responsible for producing some of Manchester United’s greatest ever players, including the club’s top five all-time appearance makers, Ryan Giggs, Bobby Charlton, Bill Foulkes, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville, and the new wave of home-grown talents known as Fergie’s Fledglings. The current academy is based at the club’s Aon Training Complex, an 85-acre (340,000 m2) site in the Manchester suburb of Carrington.

The Manchester United youth team is statistically the most successful in English football, with nine players in the English football Hall of Fame (Duncan Edwards, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Nobby Stiles, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Johnny Giles). Manchester United also have the best FA Youth Cup record, winning on 10 occasions out of 14 final appearances.


The academy comprises age-group teams ranging from Under-9s up to the flagship Under-18s, who currently compete in Group C of the Premier Academy League and in the FA Youth Cup. The Under-16s and Under-18s typically play their academy league games at 11am on Saturday mornings at Carrington, while Youth Cup games are generally played at either Altrincham‘s Moss Lane ground (where the under-23s play their home games) or the club’s 76,000-capacity Old Trafford home, in order to cater for the greater number of supporters these fixtures attract.

In 2007, Manchester United Under-18s won the Champions Youth Cup, intended to be an analogue to the FIFA Club World Cup for youth sides, beating Juventus 1–0 in the final in Malaysia. It was their first and only title, since the tournament was scrapped after only one edition.

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A huge thanks to Eifion Evans for his assistance.